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In a one-hour edition of Wrestling Weekly Sunday, August 28, 2005, hosts Doc Young and Les Thatcher talked to the wrestler best known as “Road Dogg” but now known as B.G. James, one-third of TNA’s 3 Live Kru (3LK). Between good natured joking about the imminent threat of Hurricane Katrina to his Pensacola, Florida home and candidly talking about his drug problems, Brian had no trouble talking about his life, career, and wrestling future in a humorously self-deprecating way.

Les called in from Golden, Colorado while he works a training camp for about 25 hopeful wrestlers. At location from the Buffalo Rose where Fusion Pro Wrestling and APWA were preparing to put on a show Sunday, Les joked with Doc about being next door to the Coors Brewing Company where they offer free samples.

Brian Gerard (“B.G.”) James joined Doc and Les and began by immediately describing the sky from his window as “pitch black.” He worried that his roof—recently replaced after Hurricane Ivan passed through last year—will make it through another storm. Les asked Brian about his home near Pensacola and if he still lived in the house he had purchased from his parents, wrestling legend “Bullet” Bob Armstrong and Gail, in Gulf Breeze. He said he sold it a few years ago after losing the WWF deal to live more within his means. He admitted he had been irresponsible with money in the past and the property was too high-maintenance. So he moved “from the Breeze to the trees,” acquiring a “pretty house with land” complete with goats, pigs, and dogs.

Les asked Brian about the new facet of his life as a Sunday school teacher. He said teaching kids about the Bible “keeps my feet to the fire.” His “new facet” was a topic of conversation that Brian said he was glad was brought up. Les referred to his “dark period” and Brian joked that that “period” lasted 20-30 years. Brian turned 35 years old this year. He said he and his wife had previously split but after going to a Christian-based rehab, they reconciled to have another child. He said, “I’m at a really good point in my life.”

Brian said he first got the call from his old friend, Jeff Jarrett, while he was still in rehab to work for NWA-TNA, a company he is very excited to be working for. He said the recent storyline interference by Kip James a.k.a. Billy Gunn to his group, 3LK, featuring Konnan, Ron “the Truth” Killings and Brian, is “bittersweet.” He said TNA is trying to get Brian and Billy back together and since “we can’t be the New Age Outlaws” this is how it’s going to play out. He said even though the name “New Age Outlaws” was a name he has originally coined, “I don’t have enough money for a lawyer” and the name remains owned by the WWE.

After being asked about the TNA/SpikeTV deal, he said the program, slated to debut October 1, will take TNA to the next level. He said, “We have some talented dudes” and “also have star power.” He said TNA is in the old southern style wrestling tradition, assuring Les that he would love it. He made a point to say about Vince McMahon, his old boss, “I don’t like the man as human being.” This makes his affiliation with TNA even sweeter because he’s working with so many people he likes. Les asked Brian about Samoa Joe, the TNA worker and Ring of Honor powerhouse who had joined Doc and Les on Wrestling Weekly July 31. “Samoa Joe is going to be a superstar,” said Brian. He also said, “He is a big man and he can work his butt off.” He admires his agility for his size and his style, offering advice to him when he can.

Younger guys sometimes ask Brian for advice and since he considers himself particularly knowledgeable about “wrestling television,” he is happy to tell them what he thinks looks good and what looks “crappy.” This comes from not just an experienced wrestling background, but also as a fan of wrestling.

Doc asked about his relationship with former DeGeneration X alumnus and now TNA Superstar, Sean Waltman, a man who has also seen his share of personal problems in the last few years. Brian considers Sean one of his closest friends and says, “I’ve learned a lot from X-Pac.”

Although Maxx Payne originally helped Brian secure his deal over 10 years ago with the WWF after they sang in front of Vince and Shane McMahon and Bruce Pritchard, he said about Jeff Jarrett, “I owe him a lot.”

Talk turned to the late Chris Candido. Brian described him as “authentic.” He felt that “it was real Owen Hart-ish when he passed” from a blood clot as the result of surgery complications. This happening after Chris also battled his own personal demons only to have cleaned up to straighten out his life. Brian said he hates to see this stuff happen but believes that it is predestined. This doesn’t make it any easier, he stressed, but “it’s either laugh or cry.”

The youngest of “Bullet” Bob Armstrong’s four sons to follow their father’s footsteps into the family business, Brian was asked if Bob wanted him to get into wrestling. He said, “My father did not want me to become a professional wrestler” but thinks he is proud of him, especially for his sobriety. He said he wanted to be a wrestler right out of high school like his brother, Brad, but couldn’t. He ended up in the military serving during the Gulf War, an experience that helped him grow up quickly.

Les asked about his plans for retirement. He said he hadn’t really thought about it beyond the possibility of opening a gym. He said, “I’m kinda coasting.” He just signed a deal with TNA for another three years and since he’s getting paid just enough, he’s content. He said, “If money were on that thing next to the toilet, I would use it.”

Brian concluded the interview by making sure he offered the “gratuitous plug” for TNA’s upcoming PPV, “Unbreakable,” airing Sunday, September 11 at 8pm EST. He said, “I don’t know what I’m doing on it” but urged everyone to watch nonetheless.



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