TNA Questions For BG James

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2 October 2004 (about Big BossMan):

Talking with BG James this past week, he defined Ray the best – “A great human being” - quote: Bill Banks.


12 December 2003:

Now something for the Trailer Park Gangsta, Mr. B Jizzle BG James:

Aaron from Michigan asks:

BG James: "My ranking was Sargent E-5...I made the big bucks (laughs). In the Gulf War, I was with the Second Marine Division. Specifically, I was part of a security patrol for Headquarters Battalion. We ran security patrols protecting our main bases from the enemy. Thanks for the email Aaron."


4 September 2003:

Otto Peblio asks B.G. James:
What NWA TNA Superstar do you like to work with the most?

B-Jizzle Answers:
"That would have to be Jeff Jarrett. WE have known each other a long time and work very well together. Our timing is really good as well. "



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