As Jesse James:

"J-E-double S-E J-A-double M-E-S. Double J, Jesse James."


As Road Dogg:

"Oh, you didn't know? Your ass betta call somebody."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages.
D-Generation X proudly brings to you, it's WWF Tag Team Champions of the world. The Road Dogg Jesse James, The Bad Ass Billy Gunn,
The New Age Outlaws."

"Yeah, I think I can take him. I'm the D-O-Double G." about Billy Gunn.

"Welcome to the Dogg house"

"We have to charter one of these damn planes... Rock-a-Billy"

"Mr. Gunn behind curtain number 1 is...the brand new Cactus
Jack condominium"
"It's gonna take more than dropping this poodle on his noodle
to count me out"
"I happen to be from Cobb County and I got a good looking cousin
who spent some time in a correctional facility down there, and he
said at night time you boys got funky with them nightsticks now."

"They told me to watch my mouth on Sunday Night Heat, but my damn nose is in the way."

"We're going through the Big D, and I do mean Dallas, and were gonna kick a little allas, if you know what I mean."

"I put the belt on the line against Mankind, and he beat the shit
outta me."

"Watch out for it. It's slippery back here" (after he slipped and fell)

"You see the D-O-Double G, and that X- to the P-to the A-to the C,
we bleed neon green."

"Yeah friends. He is my Best friend. This may be the hardest match
of my whole career. I can tell you this much we are professional
wrestlers, and the King of the Ring is a billet I can tell you I damn
sure wanna hold. I hope X-Pac laced em up tight. I said X-Pack, I
meant X-Pac. Now Kevin if you don't mind... Oh You Didn't Know"

"Ya know my daddy tought me something. A long time ago. You can polish a terd all day, but it is still dodo!"

"Chyna, dig this. You think you're gonna harness the dogg. Well this time you're not creepin' up from behind like a cheap pair of panties. You've got to walk into this ring and get nose-to-nose with that D-O-Double G!"

"Welcome to my dog house, where we do it all the time Doggy Style!"

“It’s me, it’s me, it’s that D-O-Double G. I see that sign that says four-twenty and… what the hell does that say?”

“… As soon as I’m done whipping that guy with the big package’s ass I’ll be the Intercontinental champion of the woooooooooorld”

"You know they say that all dogs should be collared. And Bitch, you see where mine's at!"

"I know how kinky you and Triple H are. You probably had something on similar to it last night. So don’t be scared girl, lock it up!"

"My name ain’t buffy, but tonight by God, I’m a vampire slayer."

"Cut our music. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of
all ages. Vincent K. McMahon proudly brings to you his World Wrestling Federation tag team champions of the worrrld!!! Road Dogg Esquire, Badd Ass Inc., the New Corporate Outlaws!!!"

"Ha-Ha-Ha versus X-Pac. Very important match for all of
D-Generation X. Now X-Pac I've been in the ring with Triple Johnson here and I've taken that finish a time or two. He may snap that stack of dimes and make you 36 cents in loose change. And you my fair haired friend, I've been in the ring with the X-Packter as well and he cannot miss that snout with one of those spin kicks this is definitely the match of the year!"
Tiple H- "I don't have a big nose."
Road Dogg-"Pinocchio!"

Road Dogg as Vince McMahon-"You see as chairperson and owner,
of course, as the-of the World Wrestling Federation, I am both a
scholar and a gentleman. I take great offense when you people call
me a sphincter or a starfish!"

Road Dogg as Vince McMahon-"Mr.Brisco! Mr.Brisco! Does my ass taste good?"

"It's me, it's me, it's that D-O-Double-G. And speaking of dogs, somemight say I'm dumber than one coming down here. Well, I ain't too lean, Iwear neon green and by my side I got that Big Red Machine!"

"Testing. Go down please. Cock shot!!!"

Dogg-"I can't believe I'm not gettin' to fly!" *throws pilot goggles*
Triple H-"Hey, those are high dollar goggles!!"
Dogg-"Well I'm not going to need them now! I don't get to fly!" *starts crying*
Triple H-"Crying's not going to get you anywhere, soldier."

Dogg to X-Pac-"Hey, I think I just saw your X-sack!!!"

"I'm scared to say this, cuz I'm scared you might take me up on it, but I got two words for ya...suck it!" *Road Dogg to Chris Jericho*
"Thanks but no thanks, missy." (To Lillian Garcia)

"Oh, you didn't know? Finkel, your ass better call somebody!"
Road Dogg, slightly adjusting his entrance music to meet Finkel
in the ring

"Howard... you've been dipping into my backsack again, haven't you?"

"I don't like this one bit, but by God we're gonna get jiggy and
we're gonna do it Doggy Style"

"Myself and X-Pac will always be representing that D and rolling
on that X all night long"

"We bleed neon green"

"It's me, it's me, it's that D-O-Double G, if you take me on a 4-2-0,
you'll be a D-O-Double G's hero"

"The Dumpster is almost like an Outlaw mascot, it follows us wherever we go"

"I like to masturbate and smoke marijuana. Not necessary in that order." from AOL interview.

"You see, if you know who I know, and you know what I mean, by my side is that Big Red Machine."

"So, if you two pussies want anymore, I'll be out in the parking lot,
waiting on your asses."

"More than once and you're playin' with it Billy" (while DX pisses on
DOA's motorcycles)

"You think you got it bad? I have a match with a nut, a slut, and
Ken Shamrock with his head up his butt" (referring to Goldust,
Val Venis, and Shamrock)

"Just for old times sake...Billy, why don't you show them that ass!"

"Michael Cole, your mouth should be illegal."

"Every foe or fan, Isn't it grand? Cuz we are the men, And if you don't like that, You can (crowd screams 'Suck It!'), Not yet! That's Billy's line you idiots!"

"My partner Badd Ass is harder than steel, and my wrap can melt it."

"We've wrestled these old fossils time and time again. Outcome's always the same, us on top, them on bottom, and no that's not my sexual preference." (about LOD 2000)

"Where you know those New Age Outlaws always kick that shiznit doggy style...*laughs* but not with each other."

"If it were the twenties he'd have chicks all over him, but it's the end of the nineties so he gets me." *accompanied by interesting chest squeezes* about Billy Gunn.

"He's getting in touch with his inner chi." about X-Pac

"Nobody can beat us, the blonde bombshells who have the titles now don't stand a chance." (referring to Edge and Christian)

"I'm going for X-Pac no matter what."

"He got it up...he got it up. X-Pac is about to show his inner chi."

"I would tell ya to shut up but I can't hear you." about Michael Cole

"I didn't even know he was the Hardcore Champion." about Steve Blackman

"He and his perspective have made that belt so ice cold that it was like I didn't even know he was the champion." about Steve Blackman

"If I woulda known it was a Hardcore match...for the love of Pete...we may not be here standing now."

"Yeah...I felt that one last night, monday night it almost knocked my running lights." (as X-Pac gets hit with a garbage can lid by Steve Blackman)


"What to do. What to do. Hmm..."


"What do you say me and you go burn one and tell some Owen stories?" to the Godfather


Billy Gunn: "You know what? We had so much fun last week, you know, how about we do it again?"

Road Dogg: "Let's do it again!"


About 2 blowup dolls dressed as Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie:

Billy Gunn: "You know CPR?"

Road Dogg: "I know some of it"

Billy: "Do ya? I know something too, ok. I'll do the compression..."

Dogg: "Ok"

Billy: "You do the mouth-to-mouth"

Dogg: "I - I'm not doing the mouth-to-mouth!"

Billy: "Dammit, son! We're their only hope! Come on" *does CPR on doll* "Ok, I'll do it. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5. Ok, breath!"

Dogg: *hesitates*

Billy: "Breath!"

Dogg: *bends and pokes the doll in the mouth then hesitates again* "Are they dead? There's no bringing them back"

Billy: *throws away doll and picks up the other doll and looks at it*

Dogg: "Keep that one... You keep that one. Just bring it back to the room with us..."


As BG James:

"Is it me or does Kip's ass look hot in those pants?" backstage after Impact 14 February 2006.


"I'd wash your socks for a pack of Ramen noodles" to RF interviewer.


"Maybe he's just horny, I don't know." about Lance Hoyt.


"It's me, it's me. It's that D-O-Double whoa no! That's gonna get me in alot of trouble!"


"Welcome to Salt and Pepper's six-sided sandbox!"


"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, Total Nonstop Action proudly brings to you, its soon to be Tag Team Champions of the World: not one, not two, but the 3 Live Kru!"


"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, Total Nonstop Action proudly brings to you, its soon to be Tag Team Champions of the World: not one, not two, not three, but the family tree: the 4 Live Kru!"


"Mom is gonna KILL me" after Bob Armstrong said he was going to join BG and Kip against LAX.


"Paul Levesque! Michael Hickenbottom! Vince McMahon! Come out with your pants up! Leave the fat, naked, oily guy in the building and surrender at once!"


"Momma still loves me"


"Give up now and there will be no further consequences. Come out with your pants up" to Vince and DX


"You and I are America's last line of defense between that and good television. Now you buck up, and you cover up, and you say goodnight john boy" to Kip


"Yeah, that IS a nice ass" about Chris Harris

About Brian:

Billy Gunn:

"If I had to go against him again, I would go just like this (pretends to fall down), and lay right down. You see that's what the New Age Outlaws are. I'd just lay right down for him."

"You got extremely lucky, and you know it! And I'll tell you what-- you find your OWN ride home!"


"If you haven't noticed, we've been kinda busy" while sitting by Road Dogg


"He's a liar. He's such a liar!"

Triple H:

"To hell with Foley, to hell with the match. You know what? To hell with my wife!" (yelled to poor Road Dogg)


"That's our boy..."




"That why we don't let you party with us anymore. You're so whack!"

Jim Ross:

"Wait a minute... what the hell's that? DX is not tagging their leader!" (as Road Dogg, Mr. Ass, and X-Pac all take off, refusing to help the Helmsleys)

"All of DX are like brothers...best of friends..."

"These guys are closer than 19 is to 20." about the Outlaws

"Road Dogg assulted him in the darkness..."

"Road Dogg trying to grind it into Jericho here..."

Mick Foley:

"So if Triple H does become the WWF champion, take my word for it, he will leave DX high and dry because he doesn't give a damn about you, he doesn't give a damn about you, and I don't truly think any of us really give a damn about you." (to Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, and X-Pac)

The Headbangers:

"You're supposed to be the Tag Team Champions? The only thing you're tag teaming is each other. Well, while you're busy putting each other over in the locker room…" (about the Outlaws)

Jerry Lawler:

"What about Road Dogg's hair? That style would look good on you too, JR."

"I think the New Age Outlaws may be the best-coordinated tag team ever! Next time you wave at the ref, use all your fingers, though."

"You better get up! Triple H is watching this!" about Road Dogg

"The cool thing about this is that DX gets all these good-looking chicks and...Kane gets Paul Bearer."

"Come on guys, you're DX, you're like brothers!"

"They look pretty friendly to me." about Road Dogg and X-Pac

"Yeah, Patterson and Brisco would have a shot if it were about ten or fifteen years ago, but the Outlaws would only be fifteen years old!"


Road Dogg: "Cut the music! Cut my music!"
Jim Ross: "Cut my music. I'm a STAR! Cut MY music!"

Road Dogg: "You're stepping all over my verbage and I'm about to back hand the bleach out of your hair."
Jerry Lawler: "Well we can have a little Hardcore title match between you and him. That'd be great!"
Road Dogg: "Yeah...and I could tell ya the finish right now."

Jerry Lawler: "Finally Jericho is coming to save SummerSlam!"
Jim Ross: "He's coming to interrupt the Road Dogg it looks to me like."
Jerry Lawler: "Maybe he'll bring Road Dogg a pair of pants!"

Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly:

"The Road Dogg smashed right into the lower regions of BA Billy Gunn."
"What do they say in England? The naughty bits!"



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