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TNA star BG James took part in a media conference call this afternoon to promote this Sunday's TNA Turning Point PPV. Elite members can listen to the entire unedited BG James call right now.

Comparisons of VKM vs. DX Invasion: BG James noted there is some nostalgia to it and while he doesn't want to give the babyface comment of "I'm just happy to be a part of things", he's getting older and is happy to be in the mix. He feels the segments are funny and entertainment. He says it's not the same feeling as he's older now but it's getting people to talk.

Double Standard of Fans who loved the DX invasion but criticizing VKM: James said that it's getting a lot of talk on the Internet, and with the 'net, it doesn't matter if they like it or hate it, as long as they are talking about it. He said that's the direction they are going for, to stir things up and make it interesting. James said, "Let's have some fun again. If we do, the fans will." He said he can understand fans thinking the same old stuff, but everything old is new again.

How Far VKM Will Go: James said that if "we buy a ticket, we can sit down anywhere we choose to go." He says they couldn't stop them, but you can count on them "not using that camera angle very often." He said they have just started this direction.

Topping What They Are Doing: "I have no idea." James said they are flying by the seat of their pants, and who knows where it's going yet. James threw out the idea of being allowed to work with them and appear on a Raw match. He said that they are getting people interested in professional wrestling again, and if they have to re-hash some old things to do it, the ends justify the means. James said there's a lot of political posturing and egos and joked that in the end, if they got in the ring, he'd do the job because he's never won a match in his career. He said everyone will have a good time while it lasts. James said that he doesn't want to legitimately fight Shawn Michaels or Triple H because they are all older and it's part of the show. He says they hope to create interest and bring back some of the fans that have departed professional wrestling.

The new version of DX: James said that he's torn over it because the New Age Outlaws were an important part of getting that team over. He said that they are still over because the fans know that there will be a lot of time and effort put into that segment, as opposed to a segment involving Carlito, for example. He said that fans may like it, but he doesn't like what he sees. James said that it doesn't seem like they are cool or funny, and it's more of an anti-DX in comparison to their version. It's forced fun and that's the difference between then and now. He says that they are happy and making money, but DX as an entity is nowhere near what it used to be and without "me and Billy up there, which is an impossibility, it's not going to be what it used to be." He then said that even if they were there, there's no guarantee it could return to what it used to be as there were other elements like the Attitude era and The Rock, among others. James praised Michaels for being a born again Christian.

WWE Legal's Response to TNA: James said that WWE legal has contacted TNA several times ("three times I think, but don't quote me") and that's the idea behind the gimmick, to get some response. He also noted that Jim Ross has commented on it publically. James said that's all the gimmick is about, getting under their skin a little bit. Jim Ross commented that "Vince doesn't care about this" but if that was the case, there wouldn't have been "more then a couple" of legal letters and WWE is paying attention. He said that they use the performer's real names for the same legal reasons. James said that unless everyone "came together", there's no chance of doing a match with WWE talent, but said it would be something great that could headline a PPV.

Returning to WWE for DX Rumors: James said it was pure rumor and speculation. He said he's been locked into TNA and loves the schedule because it gives him time to raise his family. He noted that he is old friends with Jeff Jarrett and he'd never leave because of that.

Kevin Nash in VKM: When the idea of Kevin Nash being involved in VKM is brought up, James noted that it could be a good idea and joked he'd bring it up in the booking meeting. He said he's old and fat and could use a "younger" talent like Nash.

James' Health: When asked about his demons and how his health was, James said four and a half years ago, he became born again. He said that he used to think like a lot of people it was a bunch of nonsense, but he learned otherwise and he was moved and it helped his life and his marriage become a positive thing. He said he has a piece of land and he gets to enjoy life and his children and their activities. James said that he's no angel, but his life couldn't be any better right now.

The Titan Tower vignettes: James said that when they were at the building filming, there was no one at the Tower, not even security. He said the vignettes were frightening to film because he knew there was a chance they could get arrested but they were fun to film. He said that if he was ever arrested in the course of doing one of those vignettes, TNA would pick up the bail and that's been understood. He joked he might have to spend the night but TNA would get him out in a hurry.

Accepting the ECW PPV Challenge: James said they never expected a response from WWE, but the "ballsiness" of doing it and the lack of response was what everyone expected. James noted that he and Sean Waltman put a good word in for the Hardys when they were enhancement talent and helped get them their jobs. He said, "If business and egos could meet in the middle, how awesome could that be for the wrestling fans?"

The growth of TNA: James said he never thought the company would be as big as it could be at this point. He said at one point he was driving every Wednesday to Nashville for PPVs and now they have primetime TV and action figures. James said, "Thank God Jeff Jarrett saw the glass as half full" because everyone else thought the company wouldn't last. He said that they might not be fighting with the competition, but the fact they are considered competition is a compliment in itself.

The Idea of Paul Heyman in TNA: James said that TNA has a good business sense, but it's a "Southern, redneck style of doing things" and he doesn't know how Paul Heyman would be received as part of that process. He said that he doesn't know Heyman enough to know how he would personally receive Heyman or if the top-tier wrestlers would see him as a favored acquisition or not.

TNA's Tag Scene: They have a great tag division made up of good tag teams. WWE doesn't seem to think that teams are important and the belts are sort of a joke at this point. He said TNA has a great tag division and WWE has a horrible one. He joked that whoever is in charge of teams up there should be fired.

Feelings on Triple H: James said that his feelings on Triple H are a little different now then they were when he and Kip filmed a shoot interview about him. He said there was one small incident on the way out of WWE and he owes HHH an apology but doesn't know if he'll ever give it to him. He said that HHH has a family now and he knows what that is like. He says he sees things a lot differently now and back then he was trapped in the wrestling world and now he cares more about the real world.

Going Back to WWE: James says that he basically rules it out as he's 37 now and locked into TNA contractually for three more years. He says in his heart obviously he'd love to have one more big run but in his mind he doesn't think it will happen.

Origins of the Voodoo Kin Mafia name: Obviously the acronym is based on Vince McMahon's initial. One idea was to call them "Very Cool Men" but they shot it down. James said he and his son went through the letter V and wrote down every one they thought was interesting and cool sounding. James said he came up with it the name because Voodoo sounds cool and Kin comes from the fact that "me and Billy are supposed to be brothers." They thought about militia and militant, but everyone perceives the mafia to be cool, so they went with that. He plugged their t-shirts were about to come out.

Other DX Members in VKM: There was no talk in bringing Joanie Laurer in for the angle. There was some talk of Sean Waltman, but none of Laurer.

DX's Invasion of CNN Center: When asked what would have happened if WCW opened the doors for them, James said that all they ever did was wing it. He joked that if, "they let us in, we would have crapped ourselves." He noted that 10 cops pulled up after being called on them. He said that it wasn't very fun, but it was exciting. He said that he was caught up in the drama of the wrestling business at the time and doesn't know if he'd see it as cool at this point.

Plans after the Business: James said he's at the crossroads now, because now he's winding down and wondering where he'll pay the "electric bill" now. He said he could have a lot to offer as an agent or helping people with promos and he'll stay on until he's dead if they let him. He rules out referreing like his brother Scott does for ECW, saying if he can get into the ring, he wants to be the center of attention.



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