TNA Out Of The Ring
April 25th, 2006 20:35
By Ross Forman

When he's watching TV, which he does quite often, BG James quite possibly is watching The O'Reilly Factor on FOX with host Bill O'Reilly, or other such political shows.

James, you see, is an admitted news junkie, even though his tag team partner, Kip James, hates it when BG breaks into verbal political banter.

"I can get into some good political debates with just about any of the TNA wrestlers," James said. "I'm not a (George) Bush-lover, nor am I a Bush-basher. I was in the military, so that really trains you to do what you're told by your Commander In Chief, so I always stand up for Bush, even though he murders the English language and, sure, has made some wrong decisions, but, nonetheless, he's our President."

James singes the praise of O'Reilly because, "He stands firm in what he believes in and has a lot of great ideas."

James detests Alan Colmes of FOX's "Hannity and Colmes", calling him "the skeleton of talking heads ... He not only is hideously ugly, but he's so liberal that even me, with all of the things I've done in my life, I still cannot see his point of view; he's too liberal for me."

James also is a fan of The Learning Channel and The History Channel, and anything World War II-related. James, of course, was in Desert Storm in 1991, serving as a platoon sergeant in charge of 33.

“Them boys in Vietnam and World War II, those were brave souls that got off of a landing vehicle and charged a beach, knowing full well that they might die," James said. "To me, there's no greater honor than dying in defense of your country."

James spent six years in the U.S. Marine Corp., 1987-93.

"Bullet" Bob Armstrong also was a Marine. And, James was named the Honorable Man at his Boot Camp in Paris Island, S.C., 30 years after his dad won the same award.

James started wrestling six months before he got out of the Corp., while stationed in Jacksonville, N.C. He joined WCW in 1993 and worked for WWE from 1995-2000.



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