Meeting BG James Again

As you probably already know, I went to Orlando to see TNA. Was supposed to go to Kip's wedding, but they cancelled due to personal issues. Really sucks for them both.

Second day of my vacation I went to the PPV and I was psyched to see my pwetty Roadie again. During the show then a segment shows up on the big screen with the Bashams smashing my BG through a table and he gets injured and taken to the hospital, going to be out for the following couple of weeks... So he wasn't even there.

But Storm and Harris wrestled their way through the crowd, right next to us, so that was a little nice.

After the PPV, me and my pal went to get some food at the restaurant next to our hotel. The restaurant where the wrestlers usually hang out after the shows. And true, a lot of the guys where there, but still no BG!!! Do you know how much it sucks to save up for a year and fly for 12 hours to see your fav wrestler and then realize he ain't there?! It sucks REALLY bad!

So after eating, we left. I didn't wanna bother the wrestlers for pics or autographs while they were eating. That would be rude.

On the way back to the hotel, and 5 minutes from me crying in disappointment, I thought I heard a familiar voice.


I look to the side and see 2 guys walk next to us. One big dude with long dark curly hair and one dude who kinda reminded me of Roadie...And then I realize it IS him! He was walking RIGHT THERE along with unmasked Abyss!


So I scurried over to him and poked his shoulder XD and he was like "Hey! How are you doing!" and gave me a one-arm hug thingy. I think he remembered me. I showed him my tattoo of his autograph and he said it was the coolest thing and Abyss was like "No Way! That's so awesome!" XD


So they both continued walking and I kinda scurried after them XD My friend said I looked like a squirrel following food XD Turns out, they're heading for the very same hotel as we are! O_O AWESOME!

So we actually had a reason to follow Roadie XD Inside the lobby he turned around and saw I was still there and I was like "I'm not following you" and then he was like "Yes, you are" and then laughed XD


He held the elevator open for us aswell. He lived at floor 17 and we lived at floor 7. He said he had a penthouse suite. Unfair, I wanna live in a penthouse suite too! He said he'd come down to the lobby again soon, so I wanted to go down there again XD

My friend didn't wanna go with me, she was tired. Too bad for her! XD I grabbed my shit and went down again, sitting patiently waiting for Roadie.

In the meantime a bunch of the other wrestlers went there to the bar. And then my Roadie came down too! He went to the bar to join the others.


And I did my usual 'stand-and-hope-to-be-noticed' thing XD However, Jeff Jarrett came out and I really wanted to meet him, so I quickly got an autograph from him. And then Roadie saw me again and was like "Come here" and motioned for me to come inside the bar. And I was literally on the verge of dropping dead XD

So I went there and he was like "Jeff, look at this!" and then showed my tattoo around... It was SO embarrassing! I absolutely HATE and FEAR being the center of attention, and there I was surrounded by wrestlers who wanted to see my arm!!! O_O That's scary!!!


Jeff he was like "Is it real?!" XD And Johnny Devine was like "Where do you have 'oh you didn't know' tattooed? Below the waist?" and I said I didn't have that XD which is true *LOL* and he then said to Roadie that he didn't believe me XD And Roadie was like "What do I know, it could be on her ass!" *lmfao*

Dixie Carter was there too, she was really nice! Shook my hand and introduced herself aswell. She was like "You are nothing until you've signed a woman's arm and she gets it tattooed!" XD


She also noticed the home-made TNA promo I was carrying and thought it was really good and then she went around to get autographs from the guys and gals there. Which was totally awesome!

After that I TRIED to take a pic of Roadie, Eric Young and Jarrett talking. But Jarrett stopped me and was like "Oh no, wait! Just him!" and then pointed at Roadie! XD Dixie then told me to stand with him on a pic.

Dixie was like "Grab the gut! Lower!" XD I was SO nervous XD And Jeff kept telling me to kiss Roadie!!! No way, me too scared and I said that! XD And then Dixie told Roadie to kiss me!!! And he did!!! And I got it on a pic!!!


He then said "If you ever show this picture to anyone, I'll find you and choke your bridges full of shit" and then Dixie was like "He doesn't mean that. He means his WIFE will do that to him!"


But I won't put that pic online. I promised him I wouldn't and I wanna keep that promise.


Eric Young was SO drunk BTW! He was drinking some red stuff from a coffee pot! A coffee pot?! Yes, he spilled it down on himself aswell at one point and was like "What was that?!" and looked down on all the ice that was covering the floor XD And he had a butterknife stuffed in his shoe O_o I don't know why...


I had brought 2 pictures of James Storm with me, hoping he would have been there, but he wasn't. However, the guys had a blast looking at the pics XD


When seeing this pic Roadie's comment was "He's showing bush! Babushka!" XD and Eric was like "He's so fat!"


And this pic well. Roadie was like "Look at his face!" and Eric was like "This is the greatest thing I've ever seen!" XD


And at the same time Abyss came in and was like "Who's the gay guy on the pictures?" and they were all like "it's James Storm" and he was like "What? No way!" XD

Later, they decided to do some phone pranks!!! And I thought they were adults? I was wrong XD

Bobby Roode gave Eric Young a random phone number and he called. And they were all like "Shhh... quiet" and circled around him while Eric spoke XD the guy they called was yelling and I could even hear it and then he hung up and they all laughed SO much! Traci Brooks accidentally snorted when she laughed XD


The guys that were there when I was were Jim Cornette, Traci, Gail Kim, Eric, Christian, Abyss, Wildcat, So Cal Val, Dixie Carter, Jarrett, Scott Steiner, Jay Lethal, Johnny Devine, Bobby Roode.

It was really funny being there even though I was probably the only one sober. XD

He left early in the morning since he didn't have to work the Impact tapings.

And when Abyss and Roadie left towards the elevators Eric was like "Hey guys, wait for me!" and then stumbled after them, butterknife falling out of his shoe. XD Which made Roadie laugh like a maniac XD


Next day after Impact I got to meet Senshi. He was kinda nice actually.


The very few pics I got of BG from when I met him this time, can be viewed in the gallery.



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