Meetin BG James

On February 10th I left at home at 8 in the morning, heading to Orlando, Florida to finally get to see and meet BG James aka. Road Dogg Jesse James.


After 13 hours on the plane, I was standing on American soil. And I was squashed! But the travelling later proved to be worth it all!


Sunday 12th February:

Against All Odds.

Kip's girlfriend came to pick me up and dropped me off at the Hard Rock hotel from where I walked to the entrance to TNA. Stood in line for a couple hours before the VIPs were let inside, there included myself. My feet were basically already killing me!


The show itself was GREAT! It just couldn't be any better! And I literally felt my heart skip a beat or two when BG James came to the ring! It was my first and probably only time I saw him and I cherished every single second!


When the show ended and a hell of a lotta fans ran into the ring, I went backstage together with Kip and his girlfriend. They then told me that BG's dad hadn't been feeling well, so they had both gone back to the hotel. I got a little sad, but I understand.


I still had a blast. I met James Storm and damn he was sweet! I showed him a few pictures I had of him where he was posing half naked and he couldn't stop laughing! Kip was like "What the fuck is that?" and James was like "I was like 17!" He signed 4 of my pics.


Then I got to meet Shannon Moore (who chewed on my hair!), Ron Killings, AJ Styles, D-Von Dudley, Gail Kim, Christian, Matt Bentley and of course Kip James.


Tuesday 14th February:


Day started out like it did at the PPV. Except this time, BG was walking around backstage and I could see him. Well, honestly I was STARING at him! He was talking to Kips girlfriend and suddenly she pointed at me, BG turned and WAVED at me! I randomly ran away, blushed and started laughing! I bet everyone thought I was some sort of moron!!!


And after the show ended I was taken backstage again and there he was! He shook my hand and asked how I was doing. I was scared I would faint or cry, but I did neither, thank God!


He said some of the guys had jokingly asked if his wife knew about me!!! And right after that, his phone rang and it was his wife! He went all "Uh oh! My wife knows about us!"


He signed a bunch of stuff I brought and he, Kip and AJ were having fun looking at the old photos I had of BG! He went around and showed them to everyone and I particularly remember Abyss laughing at them!


He was about to pose for my camera with his back arched to show his ass but then he went all "Ow, cramp! I'm not used to standing like this. I'm not used to being so sexay!" and I swear I heard him say "Is it me or does Billy's ass look really hot in those pants?"!


He signed my arm and 2 DVDs I brought with me. And like, 20 pics!!! After signing the last one he was like "Was that all?" and then laughed.


Suddenly, everyone else had left the place and it was time to part ways, sadly. I wish it would have lasted for longer. I watched him drive away in Kip's car. Drive out of my life. I am pretty sure that was the first and only time I ever get to meet him.


When we drove away, after Kips car, I couldn't restrain my tears. I cried. Something I was hoping wouldn't happen, but I had a feeling it would. And it did.


After leaving, I went with Kip and his girlfriend to a restaurant to hang out with a couple other TNA wrestlers, Christian, Jackie, Charlie Haas & Chris Kanyon, but a waitress threw us away because someone complained we skipped the line. So we went to Hooters instead.


Kip is bottomless! I swear! I have NEVER seen anyone eat that much! After finishing his own meal, he began snatching food from everyone else's plates!


Wednesday 15th February:

In the evening I went to a Japanese restaurant with Kip, his girlfriend and his 2 sons to celebrate his girlfriend's birthday. Was really nice.


And again, Kip ate!!! Apparently, he threw up 4 times when he came home because of eating too much of a special sauce that he liked, but his stomach didn't like! After the dinner, Kip said goodbye as he had to go to the UK. He hugged me and promised me that next time he saw me, he'd give me a hug from BG.




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