Interview With Stranglehold

ROAD DOGG 8/14/99

DOGG: It's me, it's me, it's that D-O-double G and things have changed and I have got some gold on my own. And Billy Gunn is in the past, but tonite I'm gonna rap a dog collar around my neck and a dog collar around his neck and beat him within an inch of his worthless life.

BS: Talk a little bit about that. The last time you were on The Stranglehold, you and Billy were getting a title shot against the Goddwins. At that time, you mentioned that you wanted to stay in a tag team, you weren't comfortable with singles. That's changed, and you're dong a heck of a job-- on your own.

DOGG: I appreciate that, but to be quite honest, when it all first happened and we broke up, I was a little wondering where my career was gonna go. But, the support of the fans, and I hate to sound like the old traditional babyface guy, but with the support of the fans my singles career is going pretty good and I'm doing pretty well. And I'm going to continue to do well tonite by beating the you-know-what out of Billy Gunn.

BS: What is next after that? SummerSlam is coming up and that hardcore title is sitting out there. I guess you have your sites set on that?

DOGG: That's exactly what I've got them set on. You know, I think Mankind, Mick Foley, whatever you call him, is a hell of a hardcore wrestler. But, I think I made that hardcore belt what it is today or what it was, it's gone downhill since I lost it but we're gonna see if we can't drag it back up that hill on to top of the heap.

BS: Talk a little bit about the style of the Road Dogg because you, more than some of the others, seem to be having a lot of fun in the ring and fans enjoy seeing that fun.

DOGG: Well, that's just it. I'm gonna have a good time when I go out there and you can have one with me or I've got two words for ya. I'm a kicker, I'm a stomper, I'm a biter, and I like a good time and I think the people relate to me because I'm not the big muscle head. I'm just the trailer park trash that kicks ass!

BS: Where did you learn your dance moves?

DOGG: (laughing) I'm from Atlanta and to be quite honest with you, my whole family's got soul and I just incorporate into the thing in there and again, I'm just having a good time. I hope the people get that and they can have one with me.

BS: You mention family. If you could just briefly, talk about the "Armstrong Curse" which you basically have defied.

DOGG: Yeah, I've defied the curse. But I think the curse only pertains to WCW, where my family is not well-liked. I think the family is great talents, each and every one of them. From my dad to Brad, Scott, and Steve who work for WCW now and I think the curse is nothing more than a Bischoff thumb on the Armstrong family down there, I think that's all the curse is.

BS: I've asked some of the other guys, with SmackDown coming out, imagine yourself in charge. The head promoter, ceo, the Road Dogg is in charge. What changes would you make and what would you keep the same?

DOGG: The new Smackdown show, everyone is excited about it. I don't know how you top our Monday night RAW show, because to me it's two hours of nonstop entertainment. But we do have a very good crew, and of course I would be the main event on the new Smackdown show against Stone Cold Steve Austin.

BS: What are three or four of your tougher matches or opponents that come to mind?

DOGG: Oooh, it would have to be Billy Gunn, that's for sure because he knows me so well. The next one would be me and Billy Gunn in that dumpster match at Wrestlemania, I guess a couple of years back. I've been hit in the head so many times I don't know exactly how many. As far as tough opponents, Bradshaw and Farooq, the Accolytes. Always get your ass kicked in that match, you can always look forward to some bruises. Everybody else, seems we have a good time, you know what I mean? Terry Funk and Mankind put a beating on me, I'll never forget that. That's got to be some of my toughest matches and toughest opponents.

BS: I want to ask you one more question, a tough one. The reason I ask it is because you were able to conquer it and wrestlers are role models for so many kids. Last time the WWF was in St. Louis, you weren't able to make the trip because you were taking care of some personal issues. What sort of advice can you give to a fan? Maybe someone who's facing pressure in school, what sort of advice can you give them to help take care of themselves?

DOGG: The truth of the matter is, and everybody should know what you're talking about if they know the Road Dogg, it's a dead end street. Drugs, drinking, you can do anything you want to in this world. And my daddy always told me, "it will kill off your ambition, drugs will kill off your ambition'". And that's the truth of it. If you've got a goal and you want as few obstacles in your way to reach that goal, drugs are the obstacle that you sometimes can't negotiate. And sometimes it leaves you in the gutter, if you're a strong willed person you can change your ways and you can do it. And I'm doing it right now.

BS: Road Dogg we're glad to see you and glad that everything is working out. Good luck in winning the hardcore title and thanks for joining us, we hope to see some gold around that waist real soon.

DOGG: I appreciate it, it won't be gold. It'll be that ugly-ass hardcore belt, but it will be a championship belt nevertheless. Peace.



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