Brian was a platoon sergeant in Operation Desert Storm in 1991 with 33 men under him.


His favorite American President is William Taft. The reason? Because he was so fat he got stuck in his own bathtub!


He was the singer in a band called “Living Insanity” together with Nick Patrick, Maxx Payne and Dr. Squash until he joined the WWE in 1994.


He shot and killed 3 men in self defense in Operation Desert Storm.


He wore a mask at his first wrestling appearance. He was called “The Dark Secret”


He often watches TV.


He loves politics.  


He's an admitted news junkie.


He’s a fan of anything World War II related.


He was named the Honorable Man at his Boot Camp in Paris Island, South Carolina.


He was a drug addict from high school until 2002.


He doesn’t drink alcohol. Only beer.


His brother Scott bought him his first car when he was only 15.


During Desert Storm, he got married with a female soldier because they both thought they were going to die. They were divorced after the war.

For his first WWE tryout, he sang acoustic songs together with Maxx Payne. He was hired on the spot.


He was considered a smartass as a kid by Brad's friends so they all wanted to beat him up.

Real name: Brian Gerard James.
In-ring name: Road Dogg.
A/K/A: Brian Armstrong, The Roadie, The Real Double J, Jesse James, The Dark Secret, Jesse James Armstrong and Road Dogg Jesse James, BG James, B-Jizzle.

Pro Debut: 1992.
Birthdate: 20th May 1969.
Current residence: Jay, Florida outside of Pensacola, Florida.
Weight: 261 lbs / 118 kg.
Height: 6'4" / 1.93 cm.
Marital status: Married and has three children, one boy and two girls.

PWI 500 2007 Ranking: #168.

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #105(2006), #98(2005), #147 (2004), #151(2003), #78(2000), #46(1999), #73(1998), #153(1997), #105(1996), #140(1995), #392(1994), #351(1993)

PWI 100 Tag Teams Ranking: #43.



CCWA/CWF Heavyweight Title defeating Robbie Eagle (7th February 1993 - ?? 1993)
USWA World Heavyweight Title (7th October 1995 - 23rd October 1995)
USWA World Tag Team Titles w/ Tracy Smothers (28th October 1995 - 3rd January 1996)

USWA World Tag Team Titles w/ Tracy Smothers (14th February 1996 - 17th February 1996)
USWA Television Title (13th April 1996 - 4th May 1996)

USWA Television Title (19th May 1996 - 10th June 1996)
WWF Tag Team Titles w/ Billy Gunn (24th November 1997 - 29th March 1998)
WWF Tag Team Titles w/ Billy Gunn (30th March 1998 - 13th July 1998)
WWF Tag Team Titles w/ Billy Gunn (30th August 1998 - 14th December 1998)
WWF Hardcore Title defeating Big Bossman (15th December 1998 - 8th February 1999)
WWF Intercontinental Title defeating Val Venis (15th March 1999 - 29th March 1999)
WWF Tag Team Titles w/ Billy Gunn (21st September 1999 - 12th October 1999)
WWF Tag Team Titles w/ Billy Gunn (8th November 1999 - 27th February 2000)

WWA World Heavyweight Title (21st October 2001 - 26th October 2001)
NWA:TNA World Tag Team Title w/Ron Killings (26th November 2003 - 28th Jabuary 2004)

NWA:TNA World Tag Team Title w/Konnan defeating Bobby Rude & Eric Young (November 7, 2004)

MCW Tag Team Titles w/Kip James by winning a 3-WAY (February 26, 2006)

ACCW Heavyweight Championship Title

Continental Heavyweight Championship Title

NWA Alabama Heavyweight Championship (twice, current champion)

MWF World Tag Team Championship (twice with Beau Douglas)

Favorite Band: Van Halen.

Biggest Thrill In Life: When I was blessed to have witnessed the birth of my daughter!

Person You Would Most Like To Meet: Robert DeNiro - just because he is an intense actor!

Favorite Sport (Besides Wrestling): Beach volleyball.

Favorite Athlete: Michael Jordan.

Favorite Television Show: The Andy Griffith Show.

Hobbies: Spending time at home with my daughter!

Favorite Food: Steak.

Favorite Fast Food: Pizza.

Best Advice Ever Received: My father (Bob "Bullet" Armstrong) always told me to RELAX!

Favorite Actor: Robert DeNiro.

Favorite Actress: Sally Field.

If I Could Have Done It Different, I Would Have...: Not left the World Wrestling Federation the first time around!

Favorite Video Game: Pac-Man... the classics are still the best!

Secret Talent: I can play "Dixie" on my belly button with my finger!

Favorite Cartoon Character: Bugs Bunny.

Favorite Movie: Taxi Driver.
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