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OnlineHost: Welcome to the WWF on AOL!! Tonight's guest will be the REAL Double J!! The man responsible for singing .."With my baby tonight"!. . . Everyone please welcome JESSE JAMES!!

Jesse: This is the Real Double J...J E S S E! That's Jesse James!

Question: You were involved with Jim Cornette in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Any chance of joining "The Camp?"

Jesse: No. I've had my share of dealing with idiots...this time I will do it on my own. The phony Double J was enough for me. This time I will rely on myself.

Question: Are you going to be wrestling?

Jesse: All you fans who are waiting to see the real Double J wrestle, just sit back and relax... don't turn that dial, you will see me wrestle soon enough, even hear me sing a song or two.

Question: Jesse, why did Jeff Jarrett leave the WWF?

Jesse: He was my former employer and as far as our friendship goes, I don't think there ever was one, and I'm just glad he's gone from the WWF.

Question: Jesse, why did you choose to come to the WWF instead of WCW?

Jesse: The WWF is the leader in sports entertainment and Jesse James wants to be a part of that leadership. They also offered me a singing career as well as a wrestling career. Those are my two loves in life.

Question: Jesse, why has it taken so long for Jeff Jarrett to be exposed?

Jesse: When we left the WWF, we went our separate ways. I tried to start a singing career again and I tried to go my own way in professional wrestling. I came to a cross road in which I had a decision to make. Am I loyal to my family or am I loyal to a former employer who treated me below human standards, and I said "To Hell with Jeff Jarrett!"

Question: When Jarrett's contract with WCW is up, do you think he will come back looking for you Road Dog?

Jesse: If Jeff Jarrett comes back looking for me, I'm afraid he'll find more than he bargained for. Even Jeff was not stupid enough to question my manhood. He won't come looking for Jesse James.

Question: Jesse, what have you been doing while away from the WWF?

Jesse: I spent 3 months in Germany, wrestling and singing, and I have wrestled in the USWA where I am currently tag team partners with Wolfie D.

Question: Jesse, who are you looking to feud with in the WWF?

Jesse: I am not looking to feud with anyone, but I do want a shot at whoever is holding the IC title. I am very interested in facing Goldust and I would love the chance to wrestle Shawn Michaels.

Question: Will you work for both USWA and WWF?

Question: What do you think of the new Razor and Diesel?

Jesse: The new Diesel has much bigger arms than the old one, but he is not quite as handsome. The new Razor Ramon does a better Al Pacino than the old one. Their wrestling ability is very similar.

Question: What is your opinion of WWF Champion Shawn Michaels? Do you feel he is the best out there?

Jesse: I definitely think that he is the best professional wrestler in the business today. I am not kissing up to Shawn, he just seems to adapt and overcome every obstacle that is placed in front of him.

Question: JJA - Would you ever consider becoming a roadie again?

Jesse: NO.

Question: What is your opinion of Vince McMahon, now and then?

Jesse: When I first started with Jeff, I was intimidated by Vince. He is a very prominent business man and he carries himself in a very professional manner. This time around, I feel more comfortable handling my own business. Therefore, I am more comfortable with him in a business-like relationship.

Question: Would you consider tag teaming? If so, with whom?

Jesse: I would rather not be a tag team. I would rather wrestle by myself. In the past, I have had trouble trusting people. But, if I was forced to tag, I would like to team with the Godwinns or the Undertaker.

Question: You got some positive responses from fans just before you left last time. Do you want the fans in your corner?

Jesse: Yes, it's very important. The positive response that I did get made me feel incredible. I knew then that I could go farther than I was, out of the shadow of Jeff Jarrett and surpass him both with my voice and with my wrestling ability. Fan support is very important to Jesse James.

Question: What are your thoughts on all of the top name wrestlers going from organization to organization?

Jesse: Wrestlers are professional athletes just like football players etc. Business decisions have to be made according to their own personal life- styles. Sometimes wrestlers make the wrong decisions, and I think a lot of them have.

Question: What are your feelings about Jeff Jarrett on Nitro this week?

Jesse: I watched Jeff..I was interested to see what he was going to do. As usual, in the ring, he was the same, dull Jeff Jarrett that he always was. Behind the microphone he was also the same as he always was. Jeff Jarrett does not impress me.

Question: Who is the one wrestler that has given you the most trouble in the ring?

Jesse: Here in Memphis, Too Sexy Brian Christopher. He is small, but tough. He and I had some really good, hard fought matches around the Memphis area.

Question: Coming back to the WWF, how do you like the travel? I hear it's tough.

Jesse: The travel is the most difficult part to adapt to. It's airplane to airplane and hotel to hotel. Sometimes you have to live out of a bag for two and three weeks at a time, and being away from my family is always difficult. But, on the other hand, I get to meet a lot of interesting people and see a lot of interesting places. You have to take the good with the bad.

Question: Hey Jesse, will you have a finishing move? What will it be called?

Jesse: Many of my moves are finishing moves. I'm not sure that I will have one finishing move. One that I am interested in is a suplex that I learned in Germany and I call it the Back Alley Finale.

Question: Jesse, who trained you?

Jesse: As far as training...I was never trained professionally to wrestle. My father and brothers were all a great visual aid. I work out five days a week. Recently I have been doing a lot of cardiovascular training to improve my wind and longevity.

Question: Jesse, what do you think of the NWO...Honestly?

Jesse: I don't think much about the NWO. They are merely WWF turncoats.

Question: What do you think of the ECW? And would you like to see WWF vs. ECW?

Jesse: I have seen one ECW show. I think they have some tough wrestlers, and some very stupid wrestlers. I think as far as talent is concerned, they are not even on the same level with the WWF. Therefore, they do not deserve the same air time.

Question: Will you be looking for a manager?

Jesse: No, I will not be looking for a manager. My music producer Jim Johnson will be helping me musically, but when it comes to wrestling, I will be handling my own affairs.

Question: Do you plan to bring in any of your brothers to the WWF?

Jesse: I would love for the whole James gang to work for the WWF, my father included. Not even the Harts have as many talented professional wrestlers as the James gang has. I would actually like for my father and 4 brothers to wrestle in a 10 man tag against the Harts...that would be a great match.

Qestion: What would you do if you could do anything but wrestle and sing?

Jesse: Probably playing professional baseball. I had a scholarship out of high school that I rejected to join the US Marine Corps. Sometimes I think it may have been a mistake, but at times like these, I couldn't be happier.

Question: Jesse, what is the one thing you have learned from the last time you were with the WWF? And, what will be different this time?

Jesse: I think the last time my big mistake was not handling my own business. This time I will handle my own business and I will go for the gusto!

OnlineHost: Well, that will do it!!...Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Jesse James!!

Jesse: Fans of the WWF, please don't remember me in the shadow of Jeff Jarrett. Now I am my own man with my own name. That is the real Double J, Jesse James!

OnlineHost: Well fans, there was the REAL Double J!! Thanks again to all the WWF Fans who attended and, thanks to JESSE JAMES!!